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Netdecking…We all do it!

Let’s be honest. The Hearthstone community is lazy and I am not an exclusion. We copy decklists that we see on streams, on popular websites or even from our last worthy opponent. Getting a list of 30 cards for a new deck is easy. You can find them anywhere, copy it and pray to RngJesus that it please takes you to Legend by itself. But that is not how it works!

Over the years I identified 3 horrendous problems with Netdecking and HS-DeckGuides is going to solve them.

1. Missing information

You simply need more than a decklist. You need information about the deck’s playstyle, mulligan, match-ups and replacements to understand a deck. Even Pirate Warrior requires a little bit of thinking when it comes to mulligan or identifying a necessary trade.

But here is the point: Most of the sources for decks don’t offer this information. Even a lot of guides that you will find online are missing important pieces of information, that might hold you from being successful with the list you just copied.

HS-DeckGuides only publishes guides that always contain all of the needed information. Let us stop simple netdecking together and implement a standard for deck education!

2. Test prerequisites

“69% Winrate Legend Paladin; Malfurion Ladder Boss Aggro Druid; Freeze Forever Win Always”

I could name a million examples of decklists and guides that you can find online. Most of them read like an advertising. But the vast majority of them is missing a crucial thing: Test prerequisites.

How are you supposed to know if the player that posted the deck knows more about Hearthstone than you? How are you supposed to know if the deck was tested between rank 17 and 18 or 3 and 2 or on Legend. Because very few deliver all these information to you.

As a result you are not only copying a decklist that might not even work on your rang or region, but also you don’t know how many games were even played with this deck by the author/creator. HS-DeckGuides defined strict test prerequisites to provide that crucial information to you. This way I can secure, that the guides you find here are worth giving a try.

3. Inconsistency

Having multiple sources for decks is great, but it comes with a huge drawback. Inconsistency.

On one day a streamer might explain a lot about the mechanics of the deck he/she is just playing, the other day you might not even get basic information about the deck. You might find a detailed guide for your favourite deck type on a website, only to discover that there are 4 more almost similar versions on the exact same site, without an explanation of small changes. Experienced players might be familiar with the latest tech choices, but newer players won’t.

HS-DeckGuides will stop this confusion! By giving full information and having test prerequisites, I can secure consistence and comparability. You will no longer have to search on multiple sources for explanations on how to play a deck.