Jade Druid Guide – Un’Goro – June 2017

Jade Druid was brought into Hearthstone with the Jade mechanic in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, where it was one of the most feared decks. Eventhough it lost some of it’s magic with the latest expansion it still is a solid deck if you navigate it right. Especially in tournaments this deck delivers amazing results.


1. General strategy

Jade Druid contains strong elements of mana acceleration to ramp up quickly and gain advantage of that. Therefore, cards like Innervate, Wild Growth and Jade Blossom make a huge part of Jade Druid’s early game. The main strategy of Jade Druid is to gain board control while creating bigger and bigger Jades until your opponent can’t deal with them any longer. In order to do so, it is neccesary at almost all costs to fight for board control in the midgame, because of Jade Druid’s week early game (boardwise). If at any point the opponent’s board get’s to wide, Druid has dificulties to deal with that. However one new card of Un’Goro, Tar Creeper can help Jade Druid to stop Aggro Decks to early and develop an own board behind it. Furthermore the implementation of Primodial Drake helped the deck a lot, because it gained another board clear potential beside just Swipe. After the Druid stabilizied Feral Rage and Earthen Scales can be use defensively to gain enough armor to get into a safe life total. A key element of Jade Druid against any form on control deck is, that is can’t go to fatigue. Simply by shuffeling the second Jade Idol back into your deck at preverably when the last card is drawn. This has huge combo potential with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, as you can create an army of Jades, when your opponent might already get damaged by fatigue.


2. Mulligan

In general, try to get Mana Acceleration and early Jade Cards.

Against Aggro: Innervate, Wild Growth, Jade Blossom, Tar Creeper, Feral Rage

Against Control: Innervate, Wild Growth, Jade Blossom, Jade Spirit, Fandral Staghelm


3. Match-Ups

Vs. Pirate Warrior (n) : Sometimes you just can’t win against Pirate Warrior. However, if you draw your early key cards like Tar Creeper, followed up by strong midgame you can beat them. Jade Behemoth can shut them down with it’s 6 HP.

Vs. Quest Warrior (+) : Heavy control Match-Up, which plays in our favor. Just be aware of Brawl and try to stay out of Sulfuras range.

Vs. Token Shaman (-) : Token Shaman can give you a hard time. Tar Creeper is your MVP here. Try to put Jade on the board early on to be able to clear the board step by step. Once you did this, stabilize with armor gain.

Vs. Quest Rogue (-) : Probably our worst Match-Up. Rogues are just too fast for this deck. Focus on early minion advantage and push some damage in. Sometimes a double Feral Rage can burst them down after they activated the Quest.

Vs. Miracle Rogue (-): As bad as Quest Rogues, maybe even worse. Our big Threads just get killed by Vilespin Slayer and we don’t have an answer for Edvin van Cleef. Only chance is to generate more Jades that the Rogue can handle.

Vs. Aggro Paladin (-): Aggro Paladin can often times generate more tempo than the Druid can handle. Keep a Wrath for Murloc Warleader. Play out your cards mana efficient to play around Divine Favor. If you can manage to get into the late game, you will gain board advantage at one time. Go from there and keep their board clean. 

Vs. Control Paladin (+) : Play the full control game and get them into the fatigue if neccessary. Always keep their board clean to deny value from Spikeridged Steed, Blessing of Kings and Sunkeeper Tarim.

Vs. Midrange Hunter (+) : Good Match-Up if they don’t steamroll you. Keep the Board clean of Beast’s to deny Crackling Razormaw and Houndmaster value. Tar Creeper is outstanding in this Match-Up. Once you took the board, there is not much they can do. Play around Kill Command though.

Vs. Aggro Druid (-) : This is difficult sometimes, but Tar Creeper can help you. The first few rounds usually decide the game. Focus on early Jade cards to trade away some of their minions. Keep Wrath for Vicious Fledgling in opening hand.

Vs. Zoo Warlock (+) : There are not a lot of viable Warlock’s Deck at the moment, but if you see one it is probably Zoo. Keep their board clean and win an easy game. GG

Vs. Freeze Mage (+) : Jade Druid is the natural counter tho Freeze Mage. Build your Jade army steady, while keeping both Feral Rage and Earthen Scales if you can. Use if after Alex to gain back to 30 HP or more and see them concede. GG

Vs. Control Mage (+) : Use the same tactic like against Freeze Mage. You can kill them faster, because Control Mage is not able to Freeze the Board as often, but don’t run into Flamestrike.

Vs. Secret Mage (-) : Secret Mage is one of the best decks right now and it’s tactic plays very well against Jade Druid. Mirror Entity and Counterspell are the most annoying secrets for us. Try to play around them without giving up your entire game play. For example, never use Nourish on turn 5 if the Mage has just put down a secret.

Vs. Purify Priest (-) : Jade Druid has no answer to deal with their overpowered buff minions. You can win this though by trading early into their minons to deny OTK Combos. Jade Behemoth and Tar Creeper can stop them one turn at a time.

[(+) = good Match-Up >50% Winrate, (-) = bad Match-Up <50% Winrate, (n) = neutral Match-Up ca. 50% Winrate]


4. Replacements

There is not much room for replacements, as this deck is definded for a long time now. However you can swap both Tar Creeper for Doomsayer or Pyromancer. Both effective Anti-Aggro tools.

Against Aggro (Pirate Warrior, Aggro Paladin): – Tar Creeper + Gluttonous Ooze

Against Control: – Tar Creeper + Bloodmage Thalnos (Combo with Swipe)


Laws of Experience: Author – Dohmafi (>3800 wins in ranked mode in total ✔. >350 wins in ranked mode with Druid ✔)

Laws of the Ladder: Standard ladder deck ✔. Deck was tested between rank 12 and 1 on EU server end of may and beginning of june ✔.

Laws of information: The deck was tested in a total of 112 games ✔. Information about General strategy, Mulligan, Match-Up’s & Replacements is given ✔.

Test Prerequisites:


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