Secret Mage Guide – Un’Goro – June 2017

Secret Mage gained a lot of popularity in the last few weeks and is considered to be one of the top meta decks right now. It has some aspects of the good old tempo mage, that focussed on strong early game mixed with great burst potential.


1. General strategy

Secret Mage wants to gain a lot of tempo early to pressure the opponent. The best tools to do so are Mana Wyrm, Arcanalogist, Sorcerers Apprentice and Kirin Tor Mage plus any Secret. You want to stay ahead on the board while doing face damage turn by turn to get into the range of your burst potential (2x Fireball, 2x Fireland’s Portal, 2x Frostbolt). Often your secrets can destroy the gameplan of your opponent, because he has to play around certain cards. (e.g. Druids don’t want that their Nourish is counterspelled on turn 5). In the midgame you can make use of cards like Cabal Cristal Runner or any Secret plus Medivh’s Valet (great turn 5 play). By turn 7 you want to play Fireland’s Portal to already end the game or get back on the board if you lost it somehow. 2x Primodial Glyph is somewhat the MVP in the Secret Mage list, because it can help you to deal with difficult situations or give you even more burst potential (e.g. Pyroblast for 8 mana is always a surprise for you opponent). Lots of Secret Mage lists also run Yogg-Saron, to have one last shot of swinging a lost game or gaining some extra time to finish it.


2. Mulligan

In general, try to get a good curve and cards that can pressure the opponent early.

Against Aggro: Mana Wyrm, Arcanalogist, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Frostbolt, Tar Creeper

Against Control: Mana Wyrm, Babbling Book, Arcanologist, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Kirin Tor Mage


3. Match-Ups

Vs. Pirate Warrior (-) : Pirate Warrior can be difficult if the Warrior gets a better start than you. Tar Creeper can win you this game. Often time a Frostbolt to the Warriors face to deny a weapon swing can help a lot.

Vs. Quest Warrior (+) : Slightly favoured Match-Up for us. Try to keep the Armor gain in check and make tempo plays. Be aware of Brawl.

Vs. Token Shaman (-) : Good Match-Up if you can stay ahead on the board. Often they run their Bloodlust right into your Counterspell. If you loose the Board early on, going for an boardclear out of Primodial Glyph can be the right play.

Vs. Quest Rogue (+) : Probably our best Match-Up. Try to kill them before they kill you. Counterspell again is your best bet to win this game. Careful if they have the Coin.

Vs. Miracle Rogue (n): Much more difficult than Quest Rogue, but still ok. Try to flood the board early und take advantage of the lack of healing in Miracle Rogue.

Vs. Aggro Paladin (n): Secret Mage performs better against the Aggro version than the Control version, mainly due to the amount of healing of the later. Try to keep their board clean to play around Spikeridged Steed, Blessing of Kings and Sunkeeper Tarim. Still a difficult Match-Up if they get a good Murloc earyl game.

Vs. Control Paladin (-) : Difficult Match-Up. As mentioned above, the amount of healing in the late game can deny you lethal more than often. Often they are very predictable though, so cou can play around key cards. Try to push early tempo.

Vs. Midrange Hunter (+) : Good Match-Up if they don’t steamroll you. Keep the Board clean of Beast’s to deny Crackling Razormaw and Houndmaster value.

Vs. Jade Druid (+) : Jade Druid is a good Match-Up, because Secret Mage has so much more tempo.

Vs. Aggro Druid (-) : This is difficult sometimes, but Frostbolt and Tar Creeper can help you. Additional board clear from Primodial Glyph is also sometimes required. The first few rounds usually decide the game.

Vs. Zoo Warlock (+) : There are not a lot of viable Warlock’s Deck at the moment, but if you see one it is probably Zoo. Keep their board clean and win an easy game. GG

Vs. Freeze Mage (n) : Freeze Mage can be painful, you have to be faster than them and prock their Iceblock on 1 life, so you can ping them next round.

Vs. Control Mage (-) : Try to play around board clears and stay on the board that way doing small amounts of damage early. Try to kill them with burn spells before Alexstrasza.

Vs. Purify Priest (+) : If you play against Purify Priest, your only way to deal with their huge minions is sometimes a Frostbolt or Yogg-Saron. Try to snowball them early and be aware of Dragon Fire Potion. This is a good Match-Up because of our early tempo plays.

[(+) = good Match-Up >50% Winrate, (-) = bad Match-Up <50% Winrate, (n) = neutral Match-Up ca. 50% Winrate]


4. Replacements

Usually you run 2x Mirror Entity and 2x Counterspell, but you can change your Secrets according to the meta you are facing. If you don’t like RNG, than you can take out Yogg-Saron for Pyros or another copy of Babbling Book or Tar Creeper. Kabal Lackey can also be included in this deck, but should be a prioritiy in mulligan than.

Against Aggro: – Babbling Book + Tar Creeper

Against Control: – Tar Creeper + Pyros or + Babbling Book


Laws of Experience: Author – Dohmafi (>3800 wins in ranked mode in total ✔. >150 wins in ranked mode with Mage ✔)

Laws of the Ladder: Standard ladder deck ✔. Deck was tested from rank 3 to Legend and on lower Legend ranks on EU server between end of may and beginning of june ✔.

Laws of information: The deck was tested in a total of 80 games ✔. Information about General strategy, Mulligan, Match-Up’s & Replacements is given ✔.

Test Prerequisites:


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